LRF (Ladle Refining Furnace)

Wave Industries Pvt. Ltd. has also had a Feather to its cap in the form of LRF (Ladle Refining Furnace), very finest Technology used in the manufacturing of quality steel. The LRF having capacity of 25 MT is available at its Dhanaura facility and can cater to the requirements of all kinds of superior quality construction steel Bar upto 550 D Grade.  

With an adoption of the Latest technology, the reduction of Sulphur and Phosphorus are achieved and kept below 0.04% and the S+P are kept below 0.075%  apart from removing other Impurities for producing High Quality  Premium Steels.

Ladle Refining is a post-melting treatment i.e. after melting in either the Induction Melting Furnace or Electric Arc Furnace.

Whenever LRF is installed online, the liquid metal is transferred from main melting source to the LRF at a nominal tapping temperature and either Argon/Nitrogen is purged from the bottom apart from arcing (using electrodes) on the top to bring about homogeneity of liquid metal composition and temperature. Fused lime/CaSi is added to the liquid metal to reduce sulphur and bring it within acceptable limits.

When alloying is done in the LRF, the main melting furnace is freed from this activity providing more productive time to the melting equipment. This external treatment has got a distinct benefit in terms of an excellent homogeneity of
Chemical composition.


Special attributes of  LRF are

  • Homogenization : Temperature and composition are equalized by stirring.
  • Inclusion Flotation: Non-metallic inclusions are removed by gentle stirring of the metal. Oxygen levels of 30 particles per million (ppm) can be attained.
  • Desulphurization : Desulphurization is accomplished by injection of CaSi wire and fluxes. Synthetic slag can also be used to desulphurise up to 0.015% in about forty minutes.